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Reclamation Electrode

Saitron HF 25
24-27 HRC
Crack proof ,Resistance to pressure and Impact
Saitron HF 35
32-35 HRC
Rollers, Brake shoe, gear teeth ,Mill pinion.
Saitron HF 55
50-52 HRC
Shear blades, tools for hot trimming and cold punching ,dies and tools
Saitron HF 60
54- 58 HRC
Cement industries, scrappers, feeding screw, pug mill knife  etc.
Saitron HF Mn
22-250 HRC
Mn, Steel Shovel Bucket Teeth and tips
Saitron HF 65
55-57 HRC
Shear Blades ,Roll Face repairs
Saitron HF 65B
55-58 HRC
Scrapper Blades ,Bucket teeth and lips
Saitron HF 32K
54- 58 HRC
Gives air hardening weld metal of 550 BHN
Saitron HF 33K
45 -50 HRC
Worn out parts like shear blades and punching tools.
Saitron HF 34K
38 -42 HRC
Worn out components like forging dies, continuous cast rollers etc.
Saitron HF 64K
32-37 HRC
Suitable for   forging, dies, Rails, Crane wheels.


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