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Low Hydrogen Low alloy

Low Hydrogen Low Alloy
AWS A 5.5
Saitron 7018 G
E 7018 G
Especially designed for the welding of low alloy steels such as steels containing 1% Nickel and also for structures to withstand low temperatures.
Saitron 8018 G
E 8018G
Low alloy steel to withstand low temperature.
Saitron 9018 M
E 9018M
Finds extensive use in pressure vessels, piping, penstock, earth moving equipment, machinery parts, automobile parts, chemical plants where low alloy Ni- Cr-Mo steels are used. Suitable for N-A-XTRA 55 and N-A-XTRA 60 steels.
Saitron 11018 M
E 11018 M
Widely used for welding of low alloy high strength structural steels including quenched and tempered steels such as USS Ti, heat treated fine grained steels like N-A-XTRA 70, HY80 and ASTM A51 7 grade F generally used for penstock, earth moving equipment and other heavy steel fabrications.
Saitron 9018 G
E 9018G
Finds extensive use in pressure vessels and pressure part welding, chemical plants where low alloy Ni, Cr, Mo steels is used. Other applications are piping, penstock, automobile parts, earth moving equipment etc.
Saitron 7018 A1
E 7018 A1
0.5 % Steel.
Saitron 8018 B2
E 8018 B2
1.25 % Cr, 0.5%Mo and similar creep resistance steel.
Saitron 9018 B3
E 9018 B3
Low alloy steels, boilers, Oil refinery 
Saitron 8018 C1
E 8018 C1
For welding of 2.5 % Ni steel, Refinery
saitron 8018 C2
E 8018 C2
For welding of 3% Ni steel, Refinery
Saitron 8018 C3
E 8018 C3
For welding of 1 % Ni and Mo steel, Refinery
Saitron 9018 D1
E 9018 D1
Welding of rails joints and for cladding on rails
Saitron 8018 D3
E 8018 D3
Welding of Mn , Mo and Ni steel.
Saitron 9018 D3
E 9018 D3
Welding of Mn , Mo and Ni steel.
Saitron 10018 D2
E 10018 D2
Welding of Mn , Mo and Ni steel.
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